Dasha (sometimes known as Dascha) was born on November 21, 1976 in the Czech Republic. Upon arriving in the U.S. in 1996 the only job Dasha could get because her english wasn't so great was as a nanny and a job as a janitor at a K-Mart in Washington, DC. After being in the U.S. for 3 years at that point and desperate to improve her life, she and a friend bought a beat up car and drove to Hollywood where she began dancing at a topless bar. She was living in her car on the beach in Santa Monica when she visited an adult video store and began looking at the box covers of the features on display. She noticed Vivid had the most most attractive covers, so she wrote down the street address of the Vivid office in Van Nuys and drove there the next day to ask for an application. The receptionist took one look at Dasha and called one of the VPs in to meet with her. Dasha was offered a contract on the spot.

Dasha's first movie for Vivid was "Broken English" and it was immediately a big hit. Within the next year she had completed several more titles for Vivid and was even featured in videos for the Deftones and Madonna, which gave her even further exposure. By that point both Vivid and Dasha knew they made the right decision and Dasha has never looked back sense.

Dasha's appearance in the Madonna "MUSIC" music video in 2000

Dasha's appearance in the Deftones "CHANGE" music video in 2000

Dasha stands an amazing 5 foot 8 inches tall with natural C cup breasts (which were later slightly enhanced), a tiny 25 inch waste, long legs, beautiful blonde hair and sexy green eyes. Although some people say it's Dasha's European beauty that stands out the most, I personally say it's the cute way Dasha tries so hard to get her english right. But no matter how you stack it up Dasha is truly adorable and surely headed to be one of the biggest names of the new century.

Dasha was with Vivid from 1999 to about 2004, during which time they decided not to renew her contract. Dasha worked freelance with a variety of companies including New Sensations, Digital Sin, Wicked Pictures, Sin City, Zero Tolerance, Swank and Evil Angel just to name a few. Dasha retired in 2006 and moved to Europe with her husband Dillon Day. Dasha met her husband Dillon Day on the set of one of her movies. Early on in her career Dasha had expressed a desire to work with both Bobby Vitale and Dillon Day. She quickly got her way, in the filming of Highway (a feature film she did for Vivid). In their first movie they did three scenes and there was an instant spark between her and Dillon Day. The director would yell "cut!" and they would just keep at it. Soon after the filming of Highway 2 they got married.