This is the Dasha fact file. Here I answer the most commonly asked questions I have come across for Dasha, with running this website over the last 8 years or so.

When did Dasha come to the U.S?

Dasha first came to the United States in 1996.

Is Dasha married?

Yes to Dillon Day, a fellow porn star, who himself has been in over 800 films.

Does Dasha really like having sex or is this just a job for her?

Although it is job that she gets paid for, Dasha truly does enjoy having sex and lots of it! When Dasha was 16 she had a boyfriend who could come and then be ready for more sex in less than 10 minutes later. At one point they had sex 7 times in a row!

What's Dasha's wildest sexual experience?

She was once at a party with a few guys and girls and they had a 4 1/2 hour orgy! She later admitted it was a little to much for even her but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

Does Dasha work out to stay in shape?

Yes she does. She works out at a public gym but one that really caters to the older crowd. She found trying to work out at a gym with a bunch of younger guys makes it to hard as the are always coming up to her and trying to pick her up. As for her workout schedule, if time perhaps she works out 4 to 5 times a week.

How did Dasha meet her husband?

Early on in her career she had expressed a desire to work with both Bobby Vitale and Dillon Day. She quickly got her way, in the filming of Highway. In their first movie they did three scenes and there was an instant spark between her and Dillon. The director would yell "cut!" and they would just keep at it. Soon after the filming of Highway 2 they got married.

What happened to Dasha's official website?

When Dasha first got into the business, she got some bad advice from a friend and fellow Vivid girl. At the time Devon was letting the boyfriend of fellow porn star Syndee Steele run her website ( so Dasha let him create one for her too. This guy was an all out amateur and total dumb ass. Beyond the extremely bad design and mis-management, he was eventually found to be stealing their traffic and feeding it to his own girlfriend's site. Dasha eventually pulled back control of her site and turned it over to the guys at Vivid. It was an ugly mess but in the end, Dasha's fans benefited because now those who join her site not only get her photos but also access to all of her movies that are downloadable from the site. These days however Dasha is retired and does not maintain an official site at all.

Is Dasha still making movies?

No, Dasha got married to the "love of her life", who she met while making movies for Vivid. They retired and moved out of the country.

I heard Dasha was a total Diva on the set of her movies and hard to work with, is this true?

The answer to that question greatly depends on who you ask and during which time they worked with her. From what I have been able to dig up over the years it is true that Dasha after about the first year of her career got a little bit of a big head and wanted special accomodations not normally avaialable. However I should note that later in her career several people have noted that they had no problem with working with her that when on the set she was pleasant, did her job and was for the most part on time and on que, more than you can say about quite a few other big stars. So while it was true that Dasha has been known to pull the diva act out from time to time, it apparently wasn't so bad that people refused to work with her. At least not to my knowledge.

When exactly did Dasha begin her adult career?

There is some debate about the exact date when Dasha began her adult career. The problems is with her apperance in a movie from Vivid Raw that is credited as being made in 1997, about 2 years prior to Dasha's actual appearance in the adult industry. In reality The Daily Nudes is a Vivid Raw 4 hour comp title (that is no longer available), which is a collection of scenes from their vast library that includes footage from Chasey Lain, Christy Canyon and Devon as well. The date issue seems to be that some of the footage used in this compilation title dates back to 1997 but all of it and that includes the scenes from Devon and Dasha as neither of them were in the industry at that time. This movie was in fact from 2001 and not 1997 as some people have listed. The box cover of this title is shown below.

Can you explain how the box cover thing works. If Dasha isn't on the cover but she's listed in the movie. How does that work?

It can be rather confusing at times but in short, if a porn star is featured on the box cover (aka DVD cover) we consider it HER movie and that typically means she appears in more than one scene in the movie and sometimes every scene in the movie - although not always. Keep in mind there are no hard and fast rules for feature films but basically if a porn star is on the cover of the box that means she is most predominately featured in the movie and typically appears in more than 1 scene in the movie. If another girl is featured on the box cover but the star in question (who is not on the box cover) still appears in the "starring" section that typically means she appears in 1 scene in the movie.

For example in the Briana Banks movie Bankable is listed as starring in the movie but is not on the box cover. In reality that means she appears in one scene, which is the 4th scene in the movie, in a hot sex scene with Colt Steel.

However as there are no real rules for this as another example of the movie Emperor, Dasha is not on the box cover but is featured in the starring section. In this paticular movie Dasha appears in at least one scene in a non sex role and two scenes where she does have sex (scene 9 with Janine and scene 10 with Rocco Siffredi). So really it's hard to tell how many scenes Dasha is in a movie based on the box cover alone. I am working on specifying that in the movies section of this website.